Sitooteries, Belsay Hall

English Heritage and Northern Arts commissioned 12 site specific installation works by renowned artists, architects and designers to celebrate the millennium at Belsay Gardens and Hall.

Sitooteries, Belsay Hall 1
Sitooteries, Belsay Hall 2
Sitooteries, Belsay Hall 3
Sitooteries, Belsay Hall 4
Sitooteries, Belsay Hall 5
Sitooteries, Belsay Hall 6
Sitooteries, Belsay Hall 7
Sitooteries, Belsay Hall 8
Sitooteries, Belsay Hall 9

This was a major project undertaken by English Heritage and Northern Arts to mark the millennium by commissioning a collection of installations by 12 individual artists, designers and architects including Thomas Heatherwick, Foster and Partners, Julian Opie and FAT.

Sitooteries was held in the Grade 1 listed building and grounds of Belsay Hall for 12 months. The project is acknowledged as one of the most successful collaborations by English Heritage in delivering a unique and ambitious art and architecture exhibition.

Services provided

Appointed client project manager by English Heritage to manage planning applications and the design and construction of the installations.

This required working closely with the exhibition organizers, artists, designers and contractors during the design, fabrication and installation phases. The works had to be robust and meet stringent health and safety conditions as they were accessible to the public without supervision . They also had to withstand the extremes of Northumberland weather. There was continual liason with the estate managers of Belsay Hall and the head gardener in incorporating the works and minimising any long term effects to the gardens.


Guardian Weekend, 13 May 2000



Funder Clients
English Heritage, Northern Arts and Northern Architecture
Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens

Project Team
Belsay Estate Manager
Artists: Inflate, Claudio Silvestrin, Simon Watkinson, Michael Anastassiades, Thomas Heatherwick Studio, Welfare State International, Tania Kovats, Mosedale Gillatt/ Octo Design, FAT, Julian Opie, Ashley McCormick